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Wood Makes A Smart Upgrade Choice For Fencing And Decks In Rainy Areas

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A house's front is important for its overall curb appeal. A home that is in a wet area like Washington State and that has an open porch or deck can look even more beautiful. A concrete deck with an iron railing can look spectacular, but there are some risks. Exterior decks can suffer from weather damage. Ironically, a cement and iron structure usually has a reputation for durability. Iron and concrete aren't known for bending with the wind. Unfortunately, both can suffer when rain sometimes accompanies the wind.

Rust Wrecks the Deck, Railing, and Home

Even the very best iron railings and fences suffer from corrosion. Cast iron stands as a durable metal, but durability meets its limits when faced with moisture. In rain-swept areas, corrosion doesn't occur overnight, but it eventually happens. The unmistakable signs of rust spreading serve as a red flag that it's time to look into performing upgrades. Maybe that upgrade should include installing fencing and railings made of wood. Wood is less expensive than high-end cast iron, but you shouldn't assume the lower cost automatically means lower quality.

Concrete Goes, Too

And what of the damaged concrete structure connected to the railing and fencing? A wood deck floor and adjoining stairs provide a workable replacement. Tearing down a concrete structure may cause homeowners to cringe, as breaking apart old concrete and brick leads to the next phase: paying for the replacement. Does the replacement have to be made from brick, mortar, and concrete? No, you can instead install a wooden deck and wooden stairs. The railing affixed to the steps can be wood, although the option to choose either vinyl and iron exists too. Some may find wood to be a better choice. A wooden fence and railing surrounding the deck can add a necessary level of safety. And, once again, wood comes with less cost.

Wood vs. Water

Wood is not invulnerable to the weather. Yes, as with metal, water can harm wood over time. Fencing contractors know this, which is why they treat the wood with weatherproofing paint. The added coating works wonders for extending the deck's life. Still, the homeowner must adequately care for the new deck and railing, or else the structure may face a premature demise.

And then there's the beautification benefits to wood decks and fencing. in addition to having a vast choice of designs, you can paint the wood any preferred color. When you look at all the benefits, wood makes the perfect choice for many rain-drenched homes. 

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