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3 Potential Obstacles To Consider When Installing A Fence On Your Property

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Imagining a fence on your property may encourage you to move forward with making plans to install one because you may like what it can provide for your family. While you may look forward to selecting materials, designs, and colors, you may also know that you might run into a few obstacles when coming up with installation plans.

Learning about some of these obstacles will help you figure out how to tackle them in an ideal manner when you work with a fencing contractor to install a fence on your property.

Irrigation System

If you have an irrigation system on your landscape, you may appreciate how much it helps with watering your grass and plants. However, you must consider where all the sprinklers are located because their location and positioning might lead to the fence being exposed to water regularly.

This is something that you will want to avoid if you have a wooden fence, since it can lead to rot and damage. Wrought-iron and chain-link are also at risk of damage when exposed to so much water, especially when the chain-link is not vinyl coated. If you find that your irrigation system does not get water near where you want to put a fence, you can choose any material with confidence.

Tree Growth

When you have young trees on your property, you should analyze their growth patterns because this can tell you whether they will become a problem for the fence in the future. If a tree's roots and branches are heading to the area where the fence will be located, you may need to decide whether you want to reposition the fence or remove the tree to avoid future complications.

Working with fencing professionals is an excellent idea because they can help you prepare for this kind of situation and provide you with detailed information on all your options. Being well informed will help you make decisions that you are most satisfied with in the long run.


Thinking about your neighbors is also important if you want to avoid problems. For instance, you should make sure that the exterior part of the fence looks attractive because it will affect the appearance of neighboring homes. Making it look appealing will help you maintain a positive relationship with your neighbors, and you can let them know about the plans with confidence.

When you consider these potential obstacles before adding a fence, you can make sure that you do not have to worry about anything after the installation is complete. Reach out to fence companies to get professional help.