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3 Reasons PVC Fencing Could Be The Perfect Match For Your Cabin On Wooded Property

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PVC fencing is popular because it's attractive and needs little care. You may associate PVC with a white fence around a city home, but this fencing is also ideal for a cabin in a wooded setting. PVC doesn't have to be white, and when you choose a brown fence, it blends right in with nature's surroundings and has a rustic look suitable for a cabin. Here are three reasons a PVC fence could be the right choice for your cabin property:

1. Pests Aren't Tempted To Destroy PVC

A wood fence in the woods may not have a long life unless you keep up with repairs, since bugs and wildlife like to eat or gnaw on wood. Bugs have no interest in vinyl, and rats and raccoons have no reason to bother with vinyl when they have plenty of wood to chew on. Raccoons, possums, and coyotes may find a way to scale the fence, unless you put on animal-proof toppers, but at least they won't gnaw around on the fence and bugs won't try to eat it.

2. Vinyl Is Strong And Durable

If you want a fence to contain your dog then vinyl is a good choice. You could choose a privacy fence so your dog won't be bothered by movement in the woods, or you might want a fence with space between the pickets so your dog can be on watch for animals and intruders. Even if your dog jumps against the fence, it stays strong and won't splinter and hurt your dog.

Vinyl isn't bothered by rain or snow and it tolerates a variety of temperature ranges. You shouldn't need to make many repairs to a PVC fence throughout its long life. In addition, a vinyl fence doesn't need a lot of maintenance. If you choose a brown fence that resembles wood, dirt won't be as noticeable and you won't need to clean the fence very often.

3. PVC Fencing Is Attractive

PVC fencing is perfect for nearly every setting. It's a good match for a wooded property when you choose a fence made of vinyl that replicates the look of real wood. You can choose vinyl fences of different heights and styles, so you can have a privacy fence around part of your yard or a vinyl split-rail fence to mark the far boundaries of your property or line the lane to your cabin. Vinyl is a good choice for a fence that's out of sight since you won't have to check it and make repairs frequently.

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