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Five Security Considerations For Commercial Fencing

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If you store equipment or product outside of your business, then a security fence is a necessity. The following are five things to consider when designing the fence.

1. Height

The higher the better when it comes to security fencing, especially if the fence is meant to protect assets that are stored outdoors. A minimum height of six feet will keep most casual thieves from trying to get in, but if you want to prevent almost all chances for intrusion, you want a fence that is tall enough that someone could not easily grab the top to pull themselves over. This means a fence seven feet or taller would need to be installed.

2. Bottom Rail

Another issue with fencing is that some styles allow for someone to squeeze beneath. Install commercial fences on top of paved ground or concrete curbing to prevent potential intruders from digging beneath the fence. The bottom of the fence should also be affixed to a bottom rail to further prevent intrusion.

3. Fence Gauge

When choosing the chain for your fence, opt for the largest gauge available to minimize the ease of which someone could cut through the fence. Larger gauge fencing wire also leads to smaller openings, which can make a fence more difficult to climb. The fence, as well as connectors and other hardware that keeps it together, should be strong enough to resist most standard size lock and wire cutters.

4. Visibility

A fence that can be seen through is actually more secure than a solid fence. This is because solid fencing actual hides the bad guy from view, so they can act in relative secrecy once they gain access to your property. A fence that can be seen through means that a passerby or employee is more likely to see the person that has broken into the property, thus the authorities are more likely to be alerted. Combining a fence that can be seen through, like chain link with no privacy slats, with adequate lighting is the ideal security solution.

5. Climb Resistance

The ideal fence is difficult to climb. Rubber coated chain link fencing is attractive and the coating makes the opening smaller and harder to climb. Another option is to place barb wire along the top of the fence. In areas where barbed wire isn't an option, a top fence panel that angles outward can provide a solution since these panels are difficult to get over due to the slope.

Contact a commercial chain link fencing company for more help.