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The Homeowner's Guide to Greener Fencing with Premium Composite Lumber and Contemporary Fence Designs

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If you are looking for an interesting, modern, and green fencing solution for your home, composite lumber may be the perfect solution. Composite lumber is a great choice for contemporary fence design, and it can be used to create different designs and features for your fencing, outdoor living space, and landscaping features around your home. The following guide to greener fence designs with premium composite lumber will help you start planning your fencing project:

1. Know the Different Ways You Can Use Modern Composite Lumber

If you are planning on using composite lumber for your new fence, there are a lot of different options for the style of fence you use. Some of the fence design styles that you can do for your project include:

  • Horizontal designs with clean lines for a contemporary look
  • More conventional vertical pickets with clean edges for a more modern look
  • Metal frames with boards installed in different patterns for a unique modern design
  • Conventional pickets and posts for a slightly modern, but traditional fence design

These are some of the different options that you will want to consider for the style of your fence when using composite lumber.

2. Choose the Posts and Post Caps You Want

The posts and post caps will be another area where you will want to decide on the type of materials you use. There are composite posts and caps available that can match more conventional fencing designs and allow you to add decorative caps or integrated lighting features for the design of your fence. In addition, there are also options like using metal frames and posts that are the same as the top and bottom rails for a cleaner contemporary design.

3. Consider Different Solutions for Improving the Fence's Appearance

The top and bottom rails of your contemporary composite lumber fence are important. These materials can be metal systems that help give the fence a cleaner design, or they can be wood and composite materials that are more like conventional wood fencing. In addition, these features can include decorative details, such as a vinyl lattice transom to give height to the fence in your backyard. The higher decorative details will help give you more privacy in the outdoor living space.

4. Build Gates with the Right Details and Mechanical Systems

Some gates will need to be installed with composite lumber fences. You will want to talk to a fence company about building a frame that the composite materials can be attached to. If you are going to have automatic gates with openers, then the frame will need to be a solid metal frame with the same hardware as conventional iron and metal gates that are installed for entrances.

These are some of the things that you will want to consider beginning your fencing design with premium composite lumber. If you have an idea of what you want to do with your new fencing project, contact a fence company.