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Need A Deck? 3 Things To Ask For

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Beautiful outdoor decks can transform a main floor and a backyard into a more functional, beautiful space. However, when you start shopping for a deck, you may wonder what you need and which upgrades you should skip. Here are three simple things you should ask for in regards to your deck, and why. 

1. Stairs

Sometimes, people build decks that allow for an enclosed space, but that don't let people move from the house level to the ground. While it may not be a significant issue at first, adding stairs later can be challenging and expensive, which is why it pays to do everything you can to tackle the problem head-on. 

When you get initial bids for your project, ask team members how much a deck would be with stairs, and whether or not you need to upgrade nearby doors to keep your main floor safe. Sometimes, they may recommend switching out older sliding doors with sturdier versions to protect your space. 

2. Weather-Proof Materials

Decks can be made with everything from raw, untreated wood to natural cedar, fiber cement board, and even metal. While most good contractors will do what they can to make the deck strong, some materials last longer than others. If you plan to live in your house for a long time, ask for durable, weather-proof materials that are known to last. Chat with your contractors about any warranties the products may carry, since some may be guaranteed by their manufacturer. 

3. A Reinforced Structure

Different decks are rated for different weight thresholds, but you never know who will want to use the space. Think about who you would have over and who may use the deck, and how much weight the structure would need to bear. Don't forget to account for space for things like grills, hot tubs, and patio furniture. Ask your contractors to create a structure that is reinforced enough to manage heavier loads, just in case you find yourself using your outdoor space more than you plan on. After all, when you have a great deck, you may use it every single day. 

During your deck build, be prepared for a little extra noise and a lot of messes, especially outdoors. Talk with your construction team about what the bid covers, and ask about timelines, so you have an idea about how long the project will last. Anytime you have any concerns about your deck, chat about them with your team, so you can avoid misunderstandings.