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Have A Dog? Know How To Secure Them In Your Yard With Fencing

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If you have a dog, you're likely looking into some sort of dog fence to keep them protected in your yard. Here are a few ideas that you can use to fence off your yard and keep your pet safe.

Use Solid Panel Fencing

Is your dog quite excitable and will start barking and jumping at anybody that they see on the opposite side of a fence? If so, you'll need some sort of solid panel fencing to block their field of vision. While a popular and affordable choice is to use a panel fence made out of vinyl material, it can be made out of any solid material that fits within your budget. Upgrade to a panel fence made out of wood if you want, just consider going with a style that has the fencing panels tight against each other instead of a shadow box design.

Install Dig Prevention Measures

A common problem with fencing is that your dog may be the type that digs underneath the fence so that they can make a hole to fit underneath it. There are a few ways that you can combat this behavior with your fence or some careful planning. You can bury the fence partially in the ground, which will require the dog to dig far into the ground to even get underneath it, making this task much more difficult. Just make sure to use a fence that will not rot when it comes in contact with the moisture in the ground by using a material such as metal or vinyl.

If you want a wood fence but worried about your dog digging underneath it, there is a way to stop this from happening by using cement. Placing a small strip of cement around the perimeter of the fence can be enough to stop your dog from digging, and you can still cover it with dirt and grass so that nobody can see it. 

Increase The Fence Height

Dogs that can jump quite high have the risk of escaping your yard when you have a fence that is low. However, it is possible to extend the height of a fence with a section that angles inward towards the yard. This not only adds those extra feet to the fence that you need to stop them from escaping, but if they do get high enough off the ground, the inward angle will make it difficult for your dog to push themselves over by using their feet. 

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