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5 Different Materials To Use On Your Commercial Fence

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If you have a large commercial property, and you want to increase the security of the property, installing a fence is a great way to do so. The right fence will enhance the visual appearance of your commercial property while providing you with privacy and security at the same time. When it comes to installing a commercial fence, there are many materials for you to choose from.

Material #1: Aluminum Fence

If you want to install a fence that is going to last, consider installing an aluminum fence. Aluminum fencing is strong and easy to install. It is also easy to take care of and can be designed to look like a wrought iron fence, for a fraction of the price. An aluminum fence can add a degree of elegancy to your property.

Material #2: Chain-Link Fence

One of the most common fencing materials for a commercial property is a chain-link fence. Chain link fences are popular because they are affordable to install and easy to take care of. You can easily adjust the height of a chain-link fence to fit your needs. You can also add privacy to a chain-link fence by adding a plastic backing to the fence.

Material #3: PVC Fence

A PVC fence is made to look like a wood fence, with thick wood pickets and posts. However, the price for a PVC fence is much lower than the price for a wood fence. The lower price comes at a cost though, as PVC fencing material is not as sturdy as a wood fence. A PVC fence can provide privacy and add to the curb appeal of your business.

Material #4: Vinyl

Another affordable fencing material that looks like a wood fence is a vinyl fence. A vinyl fence will cost a little more than a PVC fence but will provide you with added stability as well. Another advantage of installing a vinyl fence is that you can easily paint it, allowing you to customize the appearance of your fence. Also, debris doesn't easily stick to vinyl, and if it does, you can easily wash a vinyl fence with a spray attachment on a hose.

Material #5: Wrought Iron

If you want to give your commercial fence a more elegant and traditional look, you will want to consider installing a wrought iron fence. A wrought iron fence is strong and can last for decades. It can greatly increase the curb appeal of your commercial business. However, a wrought iron fence is see-through, so you will not get a lot of privacy from adding the fence, although you will get some security from it. You can design the top of the fence to be pointy and tall, making it hard for someone to scale over.

 If you need assistance choosing the best material for your new commercial fence, reach out to a local fence contractor. Let them know what your needs and budget are, and they can help you choose the right material and handle the installation process for you. For more information about working with a commercial fence company, contact a local professional.