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Small Fence Needs For Your Business

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Fences aren't just for enclosing the perimeter of a property. Your building may have some small fence needs that will improve safety, security, and the appearance of your building's exterior.

Dumpster Enclosures

In many locations, it is required to fence in commercial dumpsters, but it's a good idea even if it's isn't a requirement. Fencing in your dumpster prevents issues like illegal dumping, which also minimizes liability concerns. A fence can exclude some problem wildlife, as well. Another benefit of a dumpster fence is that it camouflages an unsightly area near your business, which can help you project a better image to your customers.

HVAC Protection

If you have ground-based HVAC units as opposed to rooftop units, there can be a few concerns. HVAC units are sometimes vandalized by thieves looking to steal the recyclable metals in the unit. A fence will protect the unit. The unit can also be unsightly or it may pose a hazard to anyone that pokes around it. Another benefit of a fence is that it keeps away debris and nearby landscaping plants so that they don't block airflow into your HVAC unit. When fencing in an HVAC unit, install the fence a yard or more away from the unit. This will ensure that air can still freely circulate around the HVAC system.

Employee Privacy

Outdoor break areas can be a nice benefit for employees as it gives them time to get some fresh air during their shifts. Unfortunately, these break areas may not be very private, which means unwitting customers may approach the employees while they are on break. Further, if the area is also a smoking pavilion, you may not want it to be in full view of clients and customers. An attractive privacy fence around the break area can solve the problem. Make sure to install a gate in the fence, though, as this will likely be required by local fire and safety codes.

Loading Docks

Another area of a business that isn't very attractive in terms of curb appeal is the loading dock, especially if it is located in a highly visible area. Putting up a privacy fence between the dock and the street keeps it out of sight without compromising the ease of deliveries. This is especially helpful if your dock also doubles as a storage area for pallets or crates between deliveries since these items can make your business look cluttered if they are in full view.

Contact a commercial fencing company, like Metro Fence, if you have any small fencing needs for your business.