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Four Money Saving Reasons To Install A Commercial Fence

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A fence can provide many benefits. In fact, the right fence installed around your commercial property can save you money.

1. Reduced Theft

Theft is a major issue for some businesses, especially those that have outdoor displays, material yards, or onsite equipment storage. In fact, for many businesses theft may be the main reason for profit losses. Fencing in your business property reduces theft from outside sources. You can fence in the entire property and equip it with a gate to manage those that can get in and out, or you can opt to only fence in outdoor storage or retail spaces. If only retail spaces are fenced, consider using chain link or wrought iron so passersby can still see the items for sale and be tempted to buy.

2. Less Vandalism

After theft, vandalism is probably one of the more frustrating issues business owners have to deal with. Graffiti on walls, property damage, and broken windows are all issues that fall under the vandalism umbrella. Fencing out potential vandals can save you a lot of money in property damage over the years. Keep in mind that solid fences can attract graffiti vandals, so if you opt for one, choose a material that is easy to paint over, like wood. Fences like chain link aren't as tempting to vandals; just make sure they are difficult to climb.

3. Easier Grounds Maintenance

A fence can actually make grounds maintenance much quicker and easier, which will then lower your landscaping costs. A major way this is achieved is that a fence prevents garbage and other debris from blowing onto your business property, where you would then need to pay someone to clean it up. There is one thing to keep in mind, though. Sometimes the area along a fence line can get weedy because it is hard to maintain with a lawnmower. Install concrete curbing under the fence line to prevent weed and grass growth, and your grounds crew will be able to mow and maintain the landscaping quickly and easily.

4. Lower Energy Costs

Depending on the type and location of the fence, it can actually lower the cost to heat your building in winter. If your building is located in an area that is buffeted by cold winter winds, then install a solid fence on the wind facing side of the building. Not only will the fence provide security year-round, but it will also prevent the cold wind from hitting the building and it will prevent cold snow from drifting up against doors and windows — both problems that can lead to higher heating costs if not prevented.

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