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Learn More About Picket Fences

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There are times to have a solid wood fence installed, times to go with chain link, and times to go with wrought iron. Then, there are times when you might want to go with a picket fence. If you've only now started to research picket fences, then this article can be a big help as it will provide you with a good amount of information on this option.

1. The features of picket fences

Traditional picket fences are designed with posts that are strung together using rails. The tops of the pickets are usually pointed, but they can be rounded as well. They can be basic picket fences that go along at the same height, or there can be a custom design to them in which the tops follow a unique pattern, such as slowly curving or even coming to a bit of a point in the centers. In most cases, picket fences are painted white, but it is also common for them to maintain their natural wood color. In lesser common instances, they can be painted another color to match the trim of the house. 

2. The uses for picket fences

Picket fences often go around an entire house. In many cases, this type of fencing is used around homes with a Cape Cod, Victorian, country, or country cottage design. However, they are quite versatile and can add a touch of charm to most types of homes, especially because they can be customized in many ways. Since picket fences can come in taller sizes and with smaller gaps when necessary, they can be used as additional security for a home. 

Picket fences are also often used to add to the landscaping while being a bit shorter in height than the average fence. They can also have larger gaps when it is wanted, which is often called for when they are being put in purely for aesthetic reasons, so the landscape can be easily seen through the fence and enjoyed by anyone outside the fence. 

Picket fences are commonly used around areas such as garden areas or large flower bed areas. As mentioned above, many designs can be seen through easily. So, the fence can help to protect areas by preventing people or even dogs from walking through them and causing damage, while adding to the looks of the area and without preventing those areas from being seen and enjoyed.